"Live in Lincoln ADHD Conference"

Will Someone Recognise Me!

Hello I'm Chris Hayes.

I have AD/HD and High Functioning Autism I'm 14 years old.

I've always been good at art and won many competitions for it. Then when I became twelve I started doing work for a national newspaper.

As well as being a cartoonist I started learning computer-programming languages at twelve. I started with HTML that took two days and at the moment I'm learning C++ and PHP. I've mastered HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more however programming is still more of a hobby and I've got a site at

I've always been around computers and started using them even before most children these days do. So I have a vast knowledge of computers.
I have been interested in AD/HD ever since I was diagnosed and learnt quite a lot about it when I was younger. Now I've started learning about psychology to do a GCSE in and also child development.

I'm looking forward to the conference very much. I have been meaning to do a talk at a conference for a long time now, but never really looked in to it.

I hope to be doing a workshop at the conference. I'm not quite sure exactly what it will be about. However this conference mainly focuses on young people with AD/HD so I'm sure it will be around that sort of theme.

Looking forward to seeing you there maybe.

Bye from Chris.
Chris's World


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