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"So you think you've got ADHD..."


Just been looking at the LILAC web site. The conference looks really interesting. I haven't got down to the bit on booking info yet, but you ask about workshop ideas. One thing that I thought of is something that looks at the process of ADHD diagnosis & treatment. Along the lines of "So you think you've got ADHD...", covering the definition of ADHD in male & female, how to get diagnosis, what to do if you are not believed, how to get help, how to ask for medication, what to expect from medication..., all related to UK, as most of the books cover USA - that is a lot to cover, but if it is aimed more as a summary of these things, an overview of what to do and what to expect - it might be helpful. Many of the sites & people I talked to said that you should go to the doctor armed with lots of information about yourself & ADHD, but the NHS psychiatrist I went to said that this convinced him I didn't have ADHD because I was too organised & prepared!

I'll get on with reading about the conference now, I do hope it goes well, and I hope I'll be able to make it.





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