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Will Someone Recognise Me!

Help and Support Needed.


We are still looking for more speakers who can also participate within workshops. We are particularly keen to here from members of the coaching profession who can ensure " we get the most from our workshops".

We may well need other specialised speakers as one starts to work on the programme and start getting feedback from people wanting to participate. We will list issues we need speakers to cover at this event, on this page. However if you have skills and knowledge that you think would benefit this conference and would like to speak or run a workshop. Please feel more than welcome to E-mail me details.

Publishing papers.

The main point of this conference is to provide something for the future. So we intend to publish papers of the talks and workshops. Designers of services may find this useful for their work. People with AD/HD and similar neurological differences may also find this useful. On the 1st of September we can all discuss how best to do this at the conference. I personally would like to see this available free for people with hidden impairments and there carers.

However to do this notes will need to be taken and this may not be practical for those participating within workshops to do this. Therefore we are seeking voluntary help maybe with shorthand skills to take notes. We will also need voluntary support in converting these notes to a format suitable for publishing. If you have skills that you would like to contribute for this task please E-mail me (Andy)

Letters of support.

I'm sure anyone going through this site will realise just how much work there is to organising a conference. Particularly when it hasn't been organized a year in advance. Maybe you have already noticed this perhaps you're a professional, voluntary worker, carer or someone with first hand experience of an hidden impairment. Maybe you would like to contribute something to help but don't have spare time at present. Whatever please consider sending an E-mail with a letter of support and encouragement. This is so valuable for those working very hard to ensure success. Not only that it shows you have recognised the importance of this conference that also highlights the need to get these issues debated at we intend to do. This won't take you to long to do and I can ensure you how valuable this will be. All letters of support will be placed on this web site providing they not negative or rude. Not to forget providing we still have space and time to do so.

Thanking you.

We all thank you very much for taking time to explore this site and hope you have found some value from doing so. If you are able to support us with this event that will really be appreciated. Please feel most welcome to visit again and watch this conference progress into positive support for society.


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