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Will Someone Recognise Me!

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This conference is organised by and for people with AD/HD and similar neurological differences. With the emphasis on highlighting voices and needs of young people with these hidden impairments.

About 2 and half years ago I was talking to Lea about her poems and her web site. I suggested that one of her poems would make great ideas for subjects to discuss in workshops at a conference.

Earlier this year Lea asks me to help her organise a conference for young people with AD/HD and similar neurological differences. So that is how this conference started to get organized we had hope that others would join in with the organising off this conference and form a steering committee. However this hasn't yet developed! Maybe this will in time, as there's still much work to do before conference opens.

Chris my son is also involved with helping to organise this conference. Looking forward to more people joining us with developing this conference along with producing an information pack to be published after this event.

This conference has been developed very quickly and with still much to do. We are very much hoping as people learn about this event they will want to provide us support to ensure it success.

Hope you are able to attend the conference and we will look forward to seeing you there if you are able to participate with this unique event.

With warmest wishes

Andy Hayes
Lilac Conference


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