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Apologise for the delay in providing list of speakers. There are many more speakers and some who haven't yet confirmed. Also waiting for information to display with speakers names this page will be updated regularly. Please keep visiting for latest news.

Dianne Zaccheo

Dianne Zaccheo is a medical social worker, family therapist and Behavioural Specialist Coach who has worked in the field of AD/HD and related disorders for more than 20 years. Working in schools, mental health, hospitals, with families, support groups, & in research, has uniquely positioned Dianne to understand the diverse needs within these groups, and to develop a highly effective model using therapeutic approaches and coaching.

The AD/HD Coaching Model has evolved into a university course, and Dianne is currently lecturing at the School of Education, Leicester University, teaching her model to teachers and other mental health professionals. A well known international speaker and workshop leader, Dianne is currently writing a book about her work in this field and her coaching model.

Dr. R.S. Weinstein

Ron Weinstein is an internationally renown expert on ADD/ADHD, learning and behavioural problems. He relocated to the UK from the US and is currently the executive director of the Young Options Institute which is being developed to create awareness, provide education and develop practical solutions to problems experienced by individuals with attentional, learning and behavioural problems. In addition he is the clinical director of the A.D.D. & Family Support Centre. His multi & interdisciplinary academic, clinical and research background spans over 25 years, and integrates child and adolescent growth and development, nutrition, neurobiology and bio-behavioural anthropology. Diagnosed with ADHD in 1990, he draws on both his personal and professional experience when working with individuals with ADD/ADHD. He conducts training workshops, acts as "expert witness" in academic and criminal cases involving individuals with ADD/ADHD, and is currently developing a series of residential schools for children with ADHD and related problems.

Nancy Williams

Nancy Williams is a qualified NLP Practitioner and Cognitive and Solution Based Therapist. She set up The Studio (ADHD) Centre in December 1999 to provide a service to children, adolescents and their families, offering a therapeutic environment teaching positive self image, social skills and management techniques.

Dr. Carolyn Skilling

Dr Carolyn Skilling has wide ranging experience of education as a teacher, Special Needs Adviser and senior Education Officer. She is the Director of the National Association for the Education of Sick Children and Principal of their on-line tuition service, the Satellite School, since April 2000. The recent Department for Education and Science review of guidance for LEAs concerning access to education for children and young people with medical needs will be monitored by the NAESC during 2002-2004. Dr. Skilling is interested to meet any parent who feels that the educational needs of their children are not being met within current arrangements. She will present a practical workshop on 'Brain Gym' and also be available to discuss the implications of the new guidance.

Leanne Howard

Leanne Howard, a keen poem writer that echoes many experiences through her life. Founder of the YADHDPM (YOUNG ADD AND ADHD PEOPLE MATTER) web site and YAHOO club to provide support, understanding and awareness for young people with similar difficulties to herself. Leanne has been diagnosed with ADD, SPD, HPD and SELF INJURY.

Chris Hayes

Chris, 14 years old diagnosed with AD/HD and more recently with hi functioning autism. He is an artist and has drawn cartoons for a DisabilityNow, National newspaper, over the last to years. His hobbies are web designing, psychology, computer programming and much more.

Andy Hayes

Andy Hayes, a keen disability activist, founder of the Disabled Action Centre in South Northants and chair of Your Move (Notts Centre for Independent Living) interim management committee, during the 1980s. He has played a significant role in the setting up of many disability groups throughout England. He sat on the Newark and Sherwood District Planning Team, Children's Sub-Group and Disability Sub-Group as part of the joint planning process in Central Notts, representing users during 1990s. Andy has a physical impairment along with AD/HD and dyslexia.


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