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Workshop Ideas

Below is some ideas for workshops we could be running. Don't worry if there's an issue not covered here as this conference will be continually updated in the designing right up to the event. Therefore as more people start getting involved the conference can be modified to take in other issues! Obviously there will be a limit!


Transition to adult.

Many young people have got use to receiving many types of help from various agencies providing support for their needs. However when reaching adults life often these services are very different or not there. Giving many fears to many of how will or do we cope?

Females with AD/HD.

Much of the diagnosis criteria is around boys with AD/HD symptoms however it's well suggested that females can show AD/HD symptoms differently. Therefore there difficulties become even more hidden. How can females obtain better recognition for their hidden impairment.

Labelling and Terminology

Disabled people have felt that labelling medical impairments is not the appropriate way forward. In the UK disabled people have adopted the "Social Model of Disability" rather than using medical labelling. Many people with hidden impairments like ADHD and dyslexia are perhaps feeling that a medical label for their difficulty ie ADHD or Dyslexia helps them to get recognition for their needs. Maybe there hasn't been much thought about terminology and labelling for people with hidden impairments so this could be useful to debate and find appropriate terminology.

Access to Medication.

Many people with many types of medical conditions and impairments will receive medical treatment including medication for their medical condition. However many young people have experienced the huge arguments about the rights and wrongs towards receiving medication for their condition. Even professionals argue between them as to what's right or wrong. Perhaps it's time to collect those voices from young people with hidden conditions like ADHD.

Education Needs

This issue must be one that worries so many parents and young people. ADHD help lines, probably receive more enquiries about this issue than anything else. What rights are available by law? When will education services understand us? This will know doubt be a key issue for debate at our conference.

Getting our views across.

Throughout society many people feel at no-one is listening to them. Sometimes ADHD can help voicing issues and making an impact on society. While others with ADHD perhaps feels that they are looked down on by society. Maybe thinking everyone hates me no-one will listen. Either way it's difficult insuring that everyone can participate equally in voicing those matters that concern them. So we can examine ways of voicing our views more effectively.

Your Ideas for Workshops

These workshop ideas are just ideas if you feel at there's other issues that should be debated please feel welcome to E-mail me. If you feel you have the skills to run a workshop and have an idea for a workshop, please do not hesitate to offer your support. Please send me your views by E-mail


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